Nils Nisse Visser

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I was born in Rotterdam in the Netherlands in 1970, and grew up in the Netherlands, Thailand, Nepal, Oklahoma, Tanzania, England, Egypt and France. I've taught English at various Dutch secondary schools for 18 years, but my firm belief that education is most effective when it is fun raised a few eyebrows. Having been told too often that I live in my imagination, I took the hint and moved there on a full-time basis. I currently live in Brighton in the county of Sussex in England. 

Rather confusingly I sometimes write as Nils Visser, Nisse Visser or Nils Nisse Visser. It made sense at the time. My sincere apologies.

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I love animals, I really do. All sorts, and shapes, and sizes, and smells and whatnot. I try to support local charities when I can. One of my favourites, leaving me in awe at the immense dedication involved, is the


in Northamptonshire. Several of my books are pledged to support this worthwhile cause, in the full knowledge that every penny gets to the abandoned and often mistreated ferrets who are nurtured here until they find a forever home. 

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Books by Piet Visser

I have recently discovered that my great-grandfather's second cousin, Piet Visser (1877-1929), was a prolific writer, mostly boy's adventure stuff, with 19 confirmed titles so far. Needless to say I'm really fascinated by this, and am planning a few future writing projects using this connection.